Sunday, February 05, 2006

Best bitter for freedom?

The Buy Danish campaign is spreading. However, as a consumer of a great deal of alcohol I am concerned that the anti-fanatics are not getting the right message on which Danish alcohol to drink for Freedom. Obviously everybody should be drinking their fair share of Carlsberg and Tuborg, but I am concerned that the great Danish bitters are not getting enough attention. How about Gammel Dansk and Arnbitter? Did you ever try that??

Have a drink for freedom and take a Gammel Dansk (Old Dane) - even though I myself is a Arnbitter man.

I invite you to share you views on which bitter is the best Danish better.


Gammel Dansk:

Go get pissed in Danish alcohol...for Freedom!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Dane,

As a muslim I am writing to express my indignation at this sacrilegious blog. Not content with ridiculing our Prophet (pbuh) you continue to flaunt the strictures of the Holy Quran, and incite people to drink. And eat pork. And watch that filth, that depravity, South Park.

Bitter indeed is the woe prepared for you in the afterworld! Tremble in anticipation of the terrors of the Seven Hells. You will be forced to read Danish newspaper editorials. You will be tormened by Goldwater reciting his UFO journals while 8 year-old little devils will constantly offer and then withdraw drinks of cold beer and bitter, substituting Chartreuse in their place.

Tremble at these, and come to embrace a pious life. If you do, in the next world, you will swim in lakes of beer and suckle on bitter-bearing fruit.

Otherwise, my indignation knows no bounds and I may be forced to cut back on my consumption of Danish dairy products and burn you in effigy.

A. Muslim

10:42 AM  

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